Treat Yourself to a Quality Sip — Bars in Bright

So, you’ve had a big day on the mountains, taking in the Alpine Shire’s beauty or hiking? Or are you simply here as a connoisseur of fine (or basic!) beverages?

There a many great bars in Bright for a quiet one or a party. Whether you’re looking for trusted standard frosty brews, local squashed grapes (wine) or something in the more boutique beer of spirits category, Bright has it all.

Here are just a few places where you can put your feet up, all within stumbling, errr, walking distance from some of Bright’s best holiday home-style accommodation.

1. Beer Glorious Beer

Our first choice for a good brew is of course, Bright Brewery – if you’re up to being adventurous. From its humble beginnings in 2012, they are now an all-weather venue and can seat up to 250 beer drinkers (or wine or cider). They have been brewing handcrafted beer for more than 15 years, so they’ve got it nailed – with a long list of both ‘mountain crafted’ and ‘backcountry’ brews to choose from.

But if you are more the traditional type, try these other bars in central Bright:

The Alpine Hotel for a great range of beers on tap, or The Star Hotel complete with sports bar. Both are great locals, with all the tasty basics you would expect in a real country drinking hole, served frosty as.

If you are up to a 10 minute drive, venture out to Wandiligong to the Wandi Pub. Throw back a coldie or two in the stunning beer garden that often doubles as an outdoor live music venue.

2. Bars — Reed & Co. Distillery, Dr Mauve Bar And Lounge.

Looking for quaint and quirky cocktails? There are some great options for the cocktail connoisseur in the heart of Bright.

Reed & Co. Distillery is a family-owned and operated gin distillery and a great place for gourmet snacks to accompany your chosen drop. But that’s not all! Our lovely coffee bean suppliers, Sixpence Coffee, have a retail store sharing the space with Reed & Co. The best of both worlds! 

Dr Mauve, on the other hand, is a funky bar and lounge with signature cocktails, craft beers, a unique cocktail list and Asian fusion share dishes. 

Both are an easy walk from BlueMill. Handy, eh?