All About Us

BlueMill Bright

All About Us

Steve’s parents left Devon, England, in the 1950s as a young engaged couple, full of dreams. They first lived in Mount Beauty and eventually settled in Bright in the early 1970’s in the house that is now Old Mill Park, and raised 11 children.

BlueMill Cottage and BlueMill Lodge have been built on part of the old family homestead land.

Steve’s parents still live in Blue Wren Close, and love living in Bright as much as ever.

BlueMill pays homage to their vision…to travel in pursuit of a dream, and to find respite amongst nature’s beauty. BlueMill welcomes you to the alpine area that the young English couple have loved and lived in for more than 60 years.

All about the Waterwheel

The waterwheel is an ancient device that uses flowing or falling water to create power. The force of the water moved the paddles, and the consequent rotation of the wheel is transmitted to machinery via the shaft of the wheel. The first reference to its use dates back to about 4000 B.C., where, in a poem by an early Greek writer, Antipater, it tells about the freedom from the toil of young women who operated small handmills to grind corn.